Black Forest

The conference will take place among the highest peaks of the Black Forest, around 1,415 mtrs above sea level. The Black Forest is located in the southwestern corner of Germany, close to France and Switzerland. International airports nearby are the Euro Airport Freiburg-Basel-Mulhouse, as well as the airports Zurich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Bus shuttles will bring the participants from Freiburg to the venue. Freiburg station can be reached by train or shuttle bus within 1-2h from the airports mentioned above.


The main venue is the "Leistungszentrum Herzogenhorn" (sorry, page in German only), a sports resort close to the mountain carrying the same name, 1,415 mtrs above sea level. The house is beautifully located in a secluded place between two peaks. The resort features an indoor swimming pool, sauna, coliseum and table tennis as well as outdoor football ground and rope climbing tower. Webcams: Herzogenhorn, Feldberg.

Tourist information

Freiburg, The Black Forest, Hochschwarzwald (The Black Forest Highlands)

360° Panorama view from top of Herzogenhorn mountain (click to enlarge; allow javascript popup)