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Studium Generale Evolution in Marburg 2016 (Pressemeldung) Studium_Generale

See also our research page with complete publications lists

Black Forest Summer School 2016, To see the (Black) Forest for the trees: NGS data for phylogenetics LogoSeptember 13th - 16th 2016

Elsevier book: Genomes and Evolution of Charophytes, Bryophytes, Lycophytes and Ferns Elsevier_book

XVI. Annual Meeting of the International Society of Endocytobiology (ISE-G) July 21st-24th 2014

The Rhizophagus irregularis (Glomus intraradices) genome has been published in PNAS (UMR press release & VBIO article)

Black Forest Summer School on Bioinformatics Sep 10th-13th 2013

The Chondrus crispus genome has been published in PNAS (UMR press release)

Black Forest Retreat on Molecular Plant Science, Sep 10th-13th

The genomes of two nucleomorph-bearers has been published in Nature (UMR press release; BIOSS press release; Nature comment)

The 3nd Physcomitrella Genome Workshop (September 13th-15th 2010, Freiburg/GE): mages; 2nd workshop 2009: images

The Cyanophora genome has been published in Science (UFR press release and radio interview; Science comment)

MOSS 2016 Leeds/UK, September 2nd-6th
Past moss meetings: 2015 Cancun/MX, 2014 Beijing/CN, 2013 Prague/CZ, 2012 NYBG/NY, 2011 Black Forest/GE, 2010 Hokkaido/JP, 2009 St. Louis/MO, 2008 Tampere/FI, 2007 Seoul/KR, 2006 Berkeley/CA, 2005 Brno/CZ, 2004 Freiburg/GE

The Selaginella genome has been published in Science (UFR press release; NPR interview)


The Ectocarpus genome has been published in Nature (UFR press release and radio interview)


The Volvox genome has been published in Science (JGI & UFR press release; comment in Science)


Read about P. patens: The Scientist "Moss Makeup" and "A mossy renaissance"


Press releases: moss genome @ JGI, ASPB, U-FR, Science


Rensing et al. 2008

Left: Cultures of Aulacomnium androgynum, Atrichum undulatum, Plagiomnium undulatum, Physcomitrella patens, Chara vulgaris. See also: